Camp Registration

Camp Summer 2022

This year we are excited to announce Bournelyf will be holding 3 one-week day camp sessions, one two-week Camp Show session, two weeks of swim camp, and two Alumni vacation options!

Day Camp

  • Day Camp will be held Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM.

  • Evening Activities will be held Thursday evenings each session. More information about Evening Activities and specific pick up times will be updated at the beginning of each session.

(Note: The Evening Activity for Session 3 will be the Bournelyf Camp Show on Thursday, July 28th at 7:00 pm. We are so excited to welcome the return of the in-person Camp Show this year!)

  • Campers will be assigned to appropriate groups using the following age guidelines:

    • Trailblazers: Ages 8 to 17

    • Expedition: Ages 18 to 25

    • Alumni: Ages 26 and up

  • Cost:

    • $525 for each one-week session (Note: Session 1 will be prorated to a fee of $420 due to the July 4th Holiday. There will be NO camp on Monday, July 4th.)

    • $950 for each two-week session.

  • Day Camp Sessions for 2022:

    • Session 1: July 5-8

    • Session 2: July 11-15

    • Session 3 (Camp Show): July 18-29

    • Session 4: August 1-5

Swim Camp

  • Swim camp runs Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 12 PM.

  • Cost: $300 per week

  • Swim Camp Sessions for 2022:

    • Swim Camp Session 1: August 8-12

    • Swim Camp Session 2: August 15-19

  • Swim camp is limited to 10 campers per session, so please be advised that spaces are limited.

Alumni Vacation

  • Poconos Vacation (Long Weekend): Thursday July 7- Sunday July 10

    • Cost: $650 per camper

    • Limited to 8 campers (ages 26 & up only)

  • Cape Charles, VA Vacation (One Week): Saturday August 13- Saturday August 20

    • Cost: $1600 per camper

    • Limited to 9 campers (age 26 & up only)

COVID-19 Precautions

Please note that we will be taking multiple precautions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be following all applicable CDC, PA Dept of Health and American Camp Associations Guidelines. We want to ensure that camp continues to be a safe and fun place for everyone!

Open Houses and First Year Campers

All new prospective campers are required to attend an open house walk-through with the Assistant Director or Programs Coordinator in the spring prior to camp to being accepted to camp. The purpose of the walk-through is to determine if camp is a good fit for the prospective camper. We will hold in-person open houses on the following dates:

  • Sunday March 20 (1-3 pm)

  • Saturday March 26 (10 am-12 pm)

  • Saturday April 9 (10 am-12 pm)

  • Sunday April 24 (1-3 pm)

  • Saturday May 21 (10 am-12 pm)

  • Sunday May 22 (1-3 pm)

Please note that you must sign up for a date/time ahead of time. Each time slot is limited to 2 families. All new campers are required to attend an open house. You are welcome to attend the open house before applying if you’re just looking for more information and want to see the camp.

Additional Information

Each Camp program offers a different focus for its corresponding age group, however, all programs share several core schedule components:

  • Camp operates Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • Every day, each program will begin with Morning Circle where campers get to showcase their latest dance moves, sing, share announcements or just wave hello, whatever they are comfortable doing!

  • Additionally every program will have one hour in the pool each day; 20 minutes will be devoted to swim instruction and the remaining time “free swim”.

  • Campers bring their own lunch to Camp, preferably one that does not require a microwave as we are not always on campus for lunch.

  • Camp provides water, lemonade and a snack at the end of the day (if time permits).

  • Specifics on dates, times and activities are given on session calendars provided to campers at the beginning of each session.

  • Bournelyf offers a 4:1 camper/staff ratio. We are unable to accept campers who require more extensive supervision, have had incidents of physical aggression and or are not toilet-trained

  • Campers who are new to Camp, or who have only attended for one year, are eligible to attend two total weeks of camp, initially, but if space permits may sign up for additional sessions after their initial 2 weeks.

Tuition/Fees/Late Charges

The cost for our summer programs is as follows:

  • 1 Week Day Camp: $525

  • 2 Week Day Camp: $950

  • Swim Camp (Half Days): $300

  • Alumni Vacation (Poconos): $650 per Camper

  • Alumni Vacation (Cape Charles, VA): $1600 per Camper

A deposit of 25% of tuition is required to reserve your campers spot. Please note that we cannot reserve any spots without the 25% payment that accompanies the application. 3 additional installments of 25% of the tuition are due May 1, June 1 and 1 week prior to the start of camp. We are happy to provide a receipt, upon request, if you wish to pursue reimbursement from a 3rd party.

Please note that the tuition fee covers a portion of actual program expenses. Through fundraising efforts and the generosity of our donors we are able to offer our programs at this reduced rate.


  • Cancellation 1 month before the first day of the session in which your child enrolled results in a refund of 50% of tuition.

  • Cancellation 2 weeks before the first day of the session results in a refund of 25% of tuition.

  • There are no refunds for cancellation within 2 weeks of the first day of the Camp session.

  • There are also no refunds in tuition for voluntary withdrawal during any camp session, for late arrivals or early departures, or for campers who are asked to withdraw for behavior reasons. Exceptions to this policy may be made only by the Executive Director of the Camp, at their discretion.

  • Note: due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, exceptions will be made for cancellations for COVID related reasons


We reserve the right to suspend or dismiss a camper in our sole discretion for harmful or disruptive behavior (subject to applicable regulatory requirements) if we do not have adequate expertise or resources for the child’s needs, for violation of Camp policies or any other reason we determine to be in the best interest of the Camp. Suspension or dismissal may be with or without notice.

Bournelyf 3rd Party Pay Policy

  1. When a Camper indicates that they will be using 3rd Party Pay (Waivers, FSS, or other funding), they will be sent a form that must be filled out by the camper’s Supports Coordinator or whoever will be responsible for processing the payment to camp.

  2. Families will be responsible for paying half of the tuition costs up to $500 provided that payment and the 3rd Party form is received by May 1, 2022. These payments will be split into 2 equal payments.

  3. Once funding from the 3rd Party is received, Bournelyf will issue a reimbursement check to the family.

  4. If payments and completed form are NOT received by May 1, 2022, then families will be responsible for paying the full tuition amount. Families will still be reimbursed once 3rd Party Payment is received, but they will just be responsible for more upfront.

Tuition Assistance

Bournelyf recognizes that individual circumstances differ. Each year we are able to make some additional funding available for campers who otherwise might not be able to participate in the Camp’s programs due to financial hardship. If tuition assistance is desired, please indicate that on the application and complete Tuition Assistance Form found on the forms page of the website. The director or assistant director will then contact you to discuss your situation. You may also wish to contact your County MH/IDD or school district to determine whether they have monies available to assist your camper. We advise you to apply promptly, however, please make sure to indicate whether your camper’s participation is dependent on county or school district support on the application. Please DO NOT apply for Tuition Assistance if you are relying on a 3rd party to pay the tuition. Tuition Assistance is for families paying tuition out of pocket.

Questions? Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns as you apply, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (610-692-9027) or by emailing